A genius in motion to solve any requirement in wrapping palletized loads with stretch-film in the narrowest area.The required working area is up to 100% smaller than most similar machines,thank's to its very exclusive and highly performing solutions,including the patented motorized turning system and patented telescopic column.LEONARDO is propelled by a maintenance-free and sealed batteries allowing its use and charging in area without specific limitations.A microprocessor logic boat(PLC) allows the pre-settings of up to 6 different wrapping cycles with personalized parameters

ROBOT LEONARDO : Brand ITALDIBIPACK- First international patent.

Title :"machine propelled batterie packaging laminating "

Brief description :a self- propelled machine for wrapping stacks with the coating film that unwinds from a reel,comprising an elevator systeme for vertical movement of bobbin, and a movable carriage, said machine, according to the invention ,comprises : two drive wheels disposed on the same axis ,each driven by a respective independent motor , and un automatic train control system comprising a sensor adapted to monitor an abutting surface of the battery and for detecting the distance from the machine, and an actuator mresponsive tio the detection made by said distance sensor element,adapted to control said driving means so that the machine follow the same profile of the abutment surface motors.

ROBOT LEONARDO brand ITALDIBIPACK - according to international patent:


Title : " Apparatus for moving a carriage in a reel packaging machine pallet"

Brief description : a vehicle interior is formed a space which accommodates the drive column of the translation means of telescopic type, from a first retracted position to a second extenmded position and vice versa, as the principle of telescopic actuator, and means for enabling translation of a roller carriage.

ROBOT LEONARDO brand ITALDIBIPACK-Third internetional patent

Title : " a device with a joystick for manual packaging machine pallets".

Brief description : includes a joystick with direction signals are processed by a central unit in turn is connected to a first motor for the movement of the machine and a second motor acting on the steering wheel so thatactuation of the joystick comprises manual guidance robot pallet packaging.

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